The wedding day is often one of the most important events in a couple’s life.  To make that special day perfect, our team often sees soon to be brides and grooms running around in chaos, fighting stress and anxiety.   However, Erin and Rob aren’t one of these couples.  From the day they start planning their wedding to the final wedding day, Erin and Rob always kept their cool.  They continually remind themselves that the most important thing is not the event itself, but their love for each other and the future they share together.  Erin and Rob understand each other very well.  They make each other laughs and feel safe.   They are a perfect example of a loving couple.

Words can’t express how honored we are to have the opportunity to capture this beautiful wedding. Erin and Rob are both very genuine people and they are perfect together.   In his speech, Rob said “Chances favors only the prepared mind” and he can’t think of anyone to increase his preparedness with than Erin.  He knows his chance for an amazing future with Erin is pretty good.

Location: K-Club, Dublin, Ireland

Please check out their Highlight Video.

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ErinRobWeddingHD-949 ErinRobWeddingSD-950 ErinRobWeddingSD-951 ErinRobWeddingSD-952 ErinRobWeddingSD-953 ErinRobWeddingSD-929 ErinRobWeddingSD-877es place and we captured the wedding from morning til night time, they had fireworks at the night during the party dances!