Wedding Video Portfolio

Hear the laughter and see the tears at your wedding again and again with an artfully edited wedding reel. Choosing to film your wedding is the closest way to re-living it. Whether you prefer a highlight reel or real time video, a film set to you and your beau’s special song is a sentimental reminder of your love that you’ll want to watch again and again.

Seema and Mark| UBC Botanical Garden and Aria Banquet Hall

Seema and Mark’s wedding was filled with wondrous surprises! It was a very memorable day for the #SoWedding team and we are honored to be a part of the celebration, ending the evening with a #samedayedit for the couple! The cheering and applause from the audience are always the biggest rewards and it helps us coming through the hardest of challenges. The smiles on their faces remind us why we do what we do. Congratulations Seema and Mark! 

Sara and Milad | Fairmont Pacific Rim

“Happiness is being married to your best friend.” 

Grace and Nick| Hycroft Manor Wedding

Check out this Castle wedding. It’s like from a fairytale story book. 

Kim and Kevin| Hatley Castle and Delta Oceanpointe Resorts

Castle wedding is our favorite. It’s like straight from a fairytale storybook. 

Soo and Jason| Sutton Place and Shaughnessy Golf Club

The rain made the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot, isn’t it?. 

Sheren and Luis | Disney Wedding

We are so happy to finally get to share this wedding with you.
It was always our dream to film a Disney wedding and we are very excited to say that our dream has finally come true.
It’s truly an amazing experience witnessing Sheren and Luis tie the knot at the most magical place in the world!

Shane and Adam| The Cultch and St. Andrew Wesley Church

“We have always greeted each other with a kiss. It’s something I wait for at the start and the end of the day. I anticipated that kiss whenever we are together. Whether being a private moment in our little home. Without your kiss, the rain would fall. The grass would grow. The seeds would root. Without your kiss, The flower would bloom. The children would play. The eyes would gaze, the leg would walk, the lung would breath. But it will all mean nothing without your kiss. My vow is to keep kissing you and for you to always know what our kisses mean.” Lot’s of beautiful moments on the day that make my heart smiles and tear up!

Serena and Alfonzo | Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Serena and Alfonzo’s Extravagant wedding #featured on WedLuxe Magazine

Kim and Ian Highlights at Bottega Farm Inn, Kelowna

Kim and Ian are a very special couple of ours from this year.
We are so honored to have met them and to capture the special day for them.
They inspired us to do better and they trust us to create something very unique and special for them.


Bei Wang & Qiyu Zhao Highlight at Hycroft Manor

We were so honored to have been a part of Bei & Felix’s wedding!
The beautiful scenery perfectly complemented our beautiful couple.
Bei & Felix were surrounded by friends and family from all over the world on their very special day.



Nelson and Joanna Highlights at Westwood Plateau

We often asked ourselves why do I fall in love with this person. To Joanna and Nelson, they knew the answer right from the start.


Erin & Rob Highlight in Dublin, Ireland

We are VERY honored to have met Erin and Rob, this is their wedding day filmed at destination wedding – Ireland. This beautiful venue is about 30 mins away from Dublin.
Day 1: We spent a few hours shooting some pre-wedding photoshoots around Dublin and moved onto K-Club, where the ceremony takes place the next morning.
Day 2: Wedding ceremony takes place and we captured the wedding from morning til night time, they had fireworks at the night during the party dances!

Alisia & Jim Highlight in Hawaii

Alisia and Jim took us to a private wedding venue in Hawaii that we couldn’t be more happier to work! This location is called the Moli’i Pond – Honolulu.
We stayed and also took photos the day right after, along side the east coast where the cliffs are more than amazing and the weather makes Vancouver jealous.