Specializing in Pre-wedding Style shoot, the team at SoWedding is based in Vancouver,  BC, Canada but we also have experience shooting anywhere in the world. We are not only a group of dedicated and passionate wedding photographers and videographers, we are also an artistic and fun wedding team that focuses our energy on building inspiring and breathtaking images and film.

A few weeks ago, we set out with Nadya Amina Lagare to flex our creative skills and make a series of epic photos! We ended up at Buntzen Lake in the snow with a freezing model. We pushed through and are extremely happy with the results! Big thanks to our model and Makeup Jeis CoCo

We are constantly looking for new and unique ideas. Whether it’s some exotic location, outrageous outfits, or with props that make your dreams and imaginations come true. We will take them to the next level and make them happen.

Our team works with a number of amazingly talented vendors, planners, decorators and makeup artists. Let us know and we are here to listen. 

Phone: 604.809.1263 | Email: info@sowedding.ca | Address: #130-4611 (2nd Floor) No 6 Rd, Richmond, BC V6V 1Z7

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Cold was the sensation of the day but it was soon followed by a sense of victory and success! We had battled the elements and come away with some awesome shots! Enjoy our BTS video and photos