Once Upon a Midsummer’s Dream

The lights go down and the curtain opens; it is time for the show to begin. Promptly the orchestra begins to play Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune as a woman in a white dress and a flower crown on her head walks out hand in hand with a man who is smartly dressed in a suit. The audience takes a moment to silently allow themselves to get lost in Hilda and Sean’s pre-wedding display. It is an ethereal scene and the backdrop is ever changing; composed of blue skies, lush greenery, sandy beaches, and a cityscape left aglow by lampposts and fairy lights. Two mortals in love, neither foolish or fearful, holding each other as they dance to the beat of love: welcome to SoWedding’s production of “Once Upon a Midsummer’s Dream”. Inspired by Shakespeare’s script, Hilda and Sean are suspended in a daydream and a ‘once upon a time’ that will be forever immortalized in film. As Clair de Lune slows, each piano key gives off a pure sound that echoes out over the audience’s heads as the curtain closes. The dreamlike performance is at an end, but the story continues on for Hilda and Sean as they ready themselves for their next role as husband and wife.

Makeup and Hair: Jeis Coco Wedding Makeup and Hair

Wedding Dresses Rental: SoWedding Photo and Cinema Productions

Florist: Cherry Wang Wedding

Evening Dress Rental: Wedopia Bridal Couture