Jon spent over a year to organize this “amazing race” proposal event. Bianca is a teacher and Jon is an engineer.

This is the race that celebrates the last 50 months that Bianca and Jon have been together.

Along the way Bianca will be tasked with completing challenges meant to test her strength and wit, all the while reminiscing about some of their experiences on their journey so far.

There are 7 challenges in total. We started off at Bianca’s house. We ran to the Renfrew park outdoor hockey rink, the Crystal Mall, the PNE, Innovative Fitness Kitsilano, an alleyway behind Kintaro Ramen (that’s where they met) and finally Stanley Park Lost Lagoon where Jon proposed to Bianca.


Here it is! The Blamazing Race, it was a pleasure working on this video. Watching Bianca deftly complete each and every task that Jon set out for her is incredibly fun. Her reaction at the end of the video is simply amazing. This Race encompasses adventure, fun and most importantly love. Through this video you can see how much effort went into this race. From all of the people involved to our photo and video team. This day was incredibly special to both Bianca and Jon and we are glad that we can share it with you.


Jon was coordinating with friends throughout the whole day!BiancaJonProposal-2000-32

Setting up for the day!BiancaJonProposal-2000-33

Waiting at the final stop!BiancaJonProposal-2000-2 BiancaJonProposal-2000-4

Bianca biked to the final destination!BiancaJonProposal-2000-6

Bianca was looking around for the next clue!BiancaJonProposal-2000-34

And she found!?BiancaJonProposal-2000-10 BiancaJonProposal-2000-13 BiancaJonProposal-2000-14

And she said “Yes”BiancaJonProposal-2000-15 BiancaJonProposal-2000-16 BiancaJonProposal-2000-35 BiancaJonProposal-2000-23 BiancaJonProposal-2000-29 BiancaJonProposal-2000-63 BiancaJonProposal-2000-61 BiancaJonProposal-2000-42 BiancaJonProposal-2000-37 BiancaJonProposal-2000-50

Jon and Bianca’s good friends and families were there participating and supporting them along the way!BiancaJonProposal-2000-70 BiancaJonProposal-2000-69