“I can be a typical “guy’s guy”. I’m a video game enthusiast and a long time game developer. I love my tech gears and gadgets. I like hanging out with my bros’ and having a good time.
But I don’t try to hide my LOVE for weddings. Wedding is the one event where families and friends can freely and openly express love for one another without feeling awkward and shy, where no amount of dancing and celebration are considered excessive. It’s party! What’s not to love?
I get teased a lot for tearing up at friends’ weddings. My weakness is wedding vows. It’s a little embarrassing, yes, but if you ever caught me doing it i’ll tell you that my sensitive side gives me an edge in photography. 😉
Photography opened up my world. It means more to me than just taking good photos. Through photography I have earned an appreciation for the world around me. It taught me to be patient and observant, to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. It allows me to capture those warm and fuzzy moments in weddings, through the artful interpretation of my own eyes. To me, the appreciation from couples that received those special images was the most wonderful gift photography has offered to me.
Through wedding photography, I’ve connected with so many great couples who have graciously invited me to one of the most important day of their lives. I strongly believe that it is through these personal connections that they were able to bring out the best in me, and the best in my work.
I look forward to crossing paths with many more couples, exchange stories, and together create many more on their wedding day.”
– Vincent – 
Team SoWedding – Photographer Lead.