Chermaine has over 15 years of professional experience in the commercial industry. Currently, she is the Producer at Pebble Studio and SoWedding in Vancouver, BC. Prior to that, she has worked as an editor at 180 Marketing and 180 Productions, a full-service marketing studio that specializes in online media formats. Her responsibilities include defining the style and visual standards for each project, editing sound, music and video footages. Chermaine has worked on many projects for clients such as Fish This, Chill TV, and Vacation Canada TV.
She also has pre-production experience working as a Casting Manager at Off-lo-hi, a renowned advertising and commercial production house in Hong Kong. The studio had produced many award winning commercials and short corporate films in Asia, and she had the privilege to work with and learn from many talented artists and directors and played an important role in working with and training talents on set and on the field.

She had also partaken in many oversea projects internationally, gaining valuable international experience. These experiences have helped her improve as an artist and as an editor, who has a passion for telling stories.



Just when you get on her nerves….