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The pre-wedding photoshoot takes place weeks or months ahead of the wedding day. Many couples from local or overseas countries do pre-wedding photography with us so that they can share their sweet moments with guests on their wedding day. Let us take you on this amazing and creative journey. To create something special for you to remember for a lifetime.

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Unique Photography Our professional photographer love to create unique, natural, and fun photos with the couple and help perpetuate that special memory for a lifetime. You don’t need to bring anything! At SoWedding, we offer a full range of apparel, including wedding dresses, formal dresses, and Chinese wedding dress in a variety of designs and colors. 

In addition, our highly trained makeup artist and dressing assistants are there to help you get ready for your photography/videography session. Don’t hesitate to tell us how you want to look. We will transform you into the most beautiful bride in the world. We have a wide range of the most beautiful background, British Columbia! Your photographs will be taken in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. We are also willing to go further and explore more beautiful places outside BC, take us on a trip!
We have a few packages and our price is starting at $2,388- Please go HERE for more pricing information!

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