Pitt Lake, located in British Columbia, is a stunning location for an engagement photo session!


The peaceful environment and the gentle sounds of nature create a romantic setting perfect for capturing intimate moments. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush forests, and expansive wetlands, providing a variety of natural backdrops.

Pitt Lake offers diverse landscapes, including waterfront views, meadows, and wooded areas, which can add variety to your photos.

Best season for your engagement photos at Pitt Lake

Spring/Summer: Lush greenery and blooming flowers add vibrant colours and a lively feel to your photos.
Fall: The autumn foliage can provide rich, warm tones and a cozy atmosphere.
Winter: If you’re up for it, a winter session with snow-covered landscapes can be magical and unique.


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at pitt lake


Specific Spots at Pitt Lake:
Lakeshore: The edge of the lake offers stunning water reflections and mountain backgrounds.
Dock Area: Use the docks for romantic, lakeside shots.
Trails: Explore nearby trails for intimate, wooded scenes.
Open Fields: The open meadows can provide a beautiful contrast with the surrounding mountains.
By planning and taking advantage of the natural beauty of Pitt Lake, you can ensure your engagement photos are both breathtaking and memorable.


All our wedding packages included a complimentary engagement photo session.

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